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September 2, 2022

Greatcell's Italian branch has been active over the last month, with many focuses, including our responsibilities for APOLO and Graphene 3.

We improved our knowledge on metal substrate-based flexible perovskite solar modules on the cell front by developing a novel structure (metal/isolation layer/electrode) to make a z-series connected large-area perovskite solar module on metal foil. The creation of the uniform isolation layer is on a 20 cm x 10 cm flexible metallic substrate. Our first tests demonstrated the feasibility of separating the sub-cells, with a promising active area >87%, by using a laser scribing system.

GSI has also worked on the lamination front, concentrating the efforts on testing sealing materials based on ionomers as alternatives to EVA for encapsulation of both PSC and heterojunction solar cells via a hot vacuum lamination process. Preliminary tests showed that such materials seem to be chemically and temperature compatible with PSCs and very easy to handle and apply.

GSI has designed a novel liquid cooling system for the Hyperion solar simulator development to enable its usage in a glove box. Following the implementation of Wi-Fi connection, the additional cooling system was the last step needed to introduce the solar simulator inside a glove box to measure the cells directly as part of the manufacturing process. This innovative solar simulator is known as Hyperion IVGB.

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