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Solar, Diversified.

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Our Mission

Greatcell Energy is at the forefront of the global innovation of the 3rd generation photovoltaic technology, Perovskite Solar Cells. Our modules harvest all forms of light to efficiently generate electric power and are a prime example of ultra low cost solar.
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Disruptive Technology

Greatcell Energy is building on a substantial Intellectual Property portfolio in research, development, testing, engineering and manufacture of 3rd Generation Solar Technology devices, developed over a generation.
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Solar Diversified Power

Greatcell Energy is creating low cost bespoke renewable electricity transducers, based on perovskite technology, that can compete in all light conditions with all other forms of energy production. 

We are world leaders in making solar cells from perovskite materials. It has the potential to provide solar power at a fraction of the cost of current solar technologies.

Tom Fontaine
Executive Director
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