Disruptive Technology

Greatcell Energy is building on an excellent IP base in RDT&E and manufacture of disruptive 3rd generation solar cells, developed over 20 years

Solar Innovators

Greatcell Energy is at the forefront of the global innovation of 3rd Generation Perovskite Solar Cell for energy harvesting and generation.

Global Leaders in Solar

Greatcell Energy is creating lower cost renewable electricity based on perovskite technology that can compete in all light conditions with all forms of energy production.

New Materials &
Equipment for 3rd Gen Solar

Latest News

Perovskite Solar Cells possible solution to inherent problems with Conventional Solar Projects as Global Economy still looks for Solar to Power Future



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Greatcell Energy participates in a number of important projects with universities and institutes, research organisations, consortia, collaborators and international companies.

Greatcell Energy understands the specifications and quality requirements to be able to supply the specialist materials, manufacturing equipment and testing facilities needed to be a top player in this technology