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We're creating a new future for solar energy by using perovskite solar cell technology to power the world in a cleaner way.

By harnessing the power of perovskite technology and roll-to-roll production techniques we will provide low-cost, low-carbon solar PV cells to every corner of the globe.
Our technology has enabled us to develop solar cells that are efficient in all lighting conditions.
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solar PV technology
This means our technology keeps working when it’s needed.

From sunrise to sunset.

Whether its cloudy or indoors.

Our PV cells can even be used under artificial light.

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solar PV technology

We believe a cleaner future is essential.

Our technology provides a cheaper and cleaner way to provide the world with renewable energy from our most abundant resource - the sun.

Our solar cells have the lowest carbon footprint of other solar PV technology.

Manufacturing our cells produces far less toxic waste material than conventional silicon panels.

Of all solar PV technologies available ours has the lowest energy payback period.

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Product development milestones


  • Greatcell Energy is founded.
  • Equipment, existing IP and Italian subsidary purchased from previous company Greatcell Solar.
  • Product development begins to develop low-light specific perovskite solar cells.


  • Greatcell Australia is founded and facility set up in Wagga Wagga, NSW.
  • Lab scale experimental perovskite PV cells developed.


  • Greatcell Australia opens Pilot Plant in Wagga Wagga, NSW.
  • Module scale perovskite PV cells developed that are able to be manufactured at low volume for existing projects.


  • Commerical perovskite PV cells developed that are suitable for full scale roll-to-roll production.
  • Low-light specific cells with 32% efficiency developed by Greatcell Australia.
  • Greatcell partners with Bosch Engineering to design and build a roll-to-roll manufacturing facility for low-light perovskite cells.


  • Completion of our roll-to-roll manufacturing facility in Wagga Wagga.
  • Producing 30-70 million low-light specific cells per year.


  • Complete development and begin production of dual-perovskite tandem cells for use in full sun conditions.

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