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Major Milestone Reached by GSI

September 2, 2022

In the middle of the Italian summer, just before the Ferragosto feast (which is the major Italian festival originally founded by Emperor Augustus), Dr Babak Taheri, Senior Devices Engineer at Greatcell Solar Italy, achieved another breakthrough performance for large area multi-cell modules at the Tor Vergata facilities in Rome.

Two module designs were produced: a 9 cell, 27 sqcm active area module and the second, nearly twice the size at 54 sqcm active area comprising 15 cells. The formulation comprised triple cation, double anion perovskite compositions on double-layer titania electron transport layer with a PEAI barrier layer interfacing the perovskite to the hole transport layer.

The smaller module was encapsulated and generated a record 21.1% efficiency at 1000 Lux. The larger device-generated 16.4% efficiency at full sun, with an improved fill factor. We look forward to more advances in the next phase of the EU projects after the summer vacations.

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