Guanidinium iodide

Hand placing glass on laboratory device

Guanidinium iodide

Greatcell Energy’s Iodides offer guaranteed performance, high reproducibility, consistent results, and are of the highest purity.

98,00% PURITY

  • 10gr

  • 50gr

  • €189

  • €452

99,999% purity


Use Greatcell Energy’s Iodides for the preparation of low dimensional materials in your solid state photovoltaic cell investigations. Greatcell Energy offers a variety of alkylated Iodides enabling researchers to investigate the effect of cation sizes in perovskite structures and to tailor their systems to various specifications.

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  • Aspect
  • CAS#
  • Chemical Formula
  • Molecular Weight
  • Formula
  • White powder
  • 19227-70-4
  • CH6IN3
  • 186.98
  • C(NH2)3I

Recommended Application