YAG Laser Scribing System

YAG Laser Scribing System

The YAG Laser Scribing Machine utilises a YAG laser, producing a continuous cut or scribe, which is used to remove the conductive oxide layer from glass substrates so that a series connect tile can be produced. The software allows the machine to be programmed for your specific substrates and designs.

The wavelength utilised renders the system suitable for plastics and glass. YAG laser ablates the TCO without damaging the underlying glass; this leads isolations without residual material piled up at the edges. This is important for perovskites due to the small thickness of the active layers (compared to DSC), as the piled up material can form shorting pathways. Machine includes: precision scribing, use of custom CAD files, and high speed operation.

Use the enhanced YAG laser technology, with its high optical conversion efficiency and stable performance with fast speed & no touch processing. The heat exchange is low, so the material doesn’t get deformed. Greatcell Energy enhanced YAG laser has an extremely high precise beam that reaches a precision standard machines cannot reach No need to change the consumables (such as the laser lamp), free of maintenance, very low operation cost All the core optical components used such as laser diode, Q-switch crystal, are from the best suppliers with top quality. The whole machine is with very stable performance and long life time


· Use the YAG Laser Scribing Machine to remove the conductive oxide layer from glass substrates to produce a series connect substrate and to laser scribe and identify test cells and other products.

Laser output power
Laser wavelength
Selective Marking scope
70mm*70mm 150mm*150mm 200mm*200mm
Beam quality
M2 <3
Marking depth
Marking speed
Repeated accuracy
Minimum character
Minimum line width
Gross weight
Electric power requirement
Machine power
3 kW
Mainframe Dimensions
Control Cabinet Dimensions
Water Cooling Machine Dimensions