Screen Printer

Screen Printer

The best quality/price ratio for  fast, reproducible and reliable screen printing


The Screen Printer is typically used for the application of an electrical conductor to form a busbar, a catalyst paste to form the counter electrode and a semiconductor paste to form the working electrode. The flexible nature of this piece of equipment allows users to experiment with the application of other cell components such as electrolytes and sealants.
· Use: Use one of the Screen Printers (compact, medium or large) to apply the wide range of screen printable Perovskite &DSC materials onto your substrate in a precise, controllable manner.

· Emergency stop features protect machine user


Medium Model
Compact Model
Large Model
Max Print Area
Length 450mm Width 300mm
Length 250mm Width 200mm
Length 600mm Width 400mm
Working table size
Length 400mm Width 250mm
Length 600mm Width 400mm
Length 700mm Width 500mm
Max outer dimensions of screen frame
Length 530mm Width 380mm Frame height 20-30mm
Length 750mm Width 500mm Frame height 20-30mm
Length 900mm Width 700mm Frame height 25-45mm
Capacity at full speed
990 P/H
800 P/H
600 P/H
Substrate thickness
0mm to 50mm
0mm to 50mm
0mm to 120mm
Length 720mm Width 680mm Height 1710mm
Length 920mm Width 750mm Height 1710mm
Length 1300mm Width 1050mm Height 1600mm
Air Source
5Bar to 7Bar Clean, Dry, Compressed Air
5Bar to 7Bar Clean, Dry, Compressed Air
5Bar to 6Bar Clean, Dry, Compressed Air
Power Requirements
Single phase 220V 50/60Hz
Single phase 220V 50/60Hz
Three phase 220V/380V 50/60Hz
Power consumption
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