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Our Vision

Perovskite Technology Serving the World Wide Solar Marketplace

Greatcell Energy Limited is a relatively new company, founded in 2019, that has its pedigree in being built on the back of over 20 years of activity in developing and manufacturing products utilising 3rd generation solar technologies.

Our vision is to be a leader in the introduction and utilisation of photovoltaic technologies for all light conditions - wherever we look, wherever there is light, we see opportunities for light harvesting with photovoltaics. Now our vision can become a reality as a branch of Perovskite formulations has been demonstrated to convert light to electric power in all illumination conditions. This body of materials is known as Perovskite Solar Cells (PSC).

  • PSCs can be produced at a fraction of the cost
  • PSCs can be up to 1000x thinner
  • PSCs can be applied to almost any smooth surface
  • PSC efficiency is high in low and variable light
  • PSCs have higher cell voltage and better spectral absorption
  • PSC fulfils the goals of ultra low cost solar
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our Mission

Find Perovskite Technology at home, at work, at play - universally.

Our mission is to design, develop, manufacture and deliver low cost Perovskite solutions for rural land, for cities, for the sea, airborne and in space.

Perovskite technology compares favourably to all other photovoltaic technologies and wins the race in variable and low light.

Greatcell Energy, is specially positioned to commercialize the technology by addressing markets where we already have advantages. The first products being addressed are micropower and midi-power cells, taking advantage of the high specific power of PSC, for IoT, mobile and other rechargeables. These are markets measured in billions of devices.

In this revolution, Greatcell Energy can turn almost any surface into an energy source.

Our story

The Greatcell Story.

The Greatcell Story

The name Greatcell comes from Switzerland. It is named after Michael Graetzel the co-inventor at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in 1991 of the Graetzel Cell, that launched 3rd Generation Solar Technology and led Michael Graetzel to become the most sited scientist in the world.

From Graetzel to Dye Solar Cells

Michael Graetzel’s original solar cell utilized titanium dioxide and organic dyes, emulating photosynthesis and it launched decades of research on what have become known as Dye Solar Cell (DSC) and 3rd Generation solar technology

In 1994 Sylvia and Gavin Tulloch initiated DSC R&D in Australia in collaboration with EPFL and Australian research organisations. EPFL licensed its technology to the Australian venture, beginning a nearly 30 year odyssey into 3rd generation solar technology..

Collaborations and partnerships were formed with industrial and government entities in UK, Italy, USA, Germany, Korea, Singapore, Greece, Japan and China. The team grew to become the industrial world leader in the field.

DSC becomes PSC and More

Based on DSC, Perovskite Solar Cells arrived in a burst with invention by Tsutomu (Tom) Miyasaka and 3rd Generation Solar R&D followed this new road.

In 2012 the Tullochs commenced founding new ventures in sustainable technology and over the next few years developed a portfolio of high-tech businesses.

Greatcell Energy Arises

In 2018, recognizing that there are many commercial applications for Perovskite technology, especially for lower power applications, the Tullochs and partners formed Greatcell Energy Pty Limited which purchased the intellectual property and equipment to develop and produce PSC.

Greatcell Energy, the parent company of this Australian venture has two operating businesses. One each in Australia and Italy.

· Our Italian business undertakes EU projects and collaborative developments, demonstrating the capability to scale up PSC and show its reproducibility and cost effectiveness. We also feature design and manufacture of LED Solar Simulators.

· In Australia the activities involve operating a pilot plant developing novel high specific power products and enhancing collaborations with clients and partners particularly in the micro-power and midi-power marketplace.

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