Test Cell Heat Press

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The Test Cell Heat Press provides the user with a rapid method for the assembly and permanent sealing of Perovskite and DSC test cells.


The Test Cell heat press applies pressure across the cell for sealing. A combination of light mechanical pressure and heating is used in sealing. A heated element applies pressure to the glass substrate of the counter electrode to melt a thermoplastic gasket between the counter and working electrodes.

The temperature which the counter electrode reaches can be controlled by temperature set by the user to the heating head and the length of time of applied pressure. This is important because excessive temperatures will damage temperature sensitive materials. The mechanical pressure applied to the cell during construction and the time of application can be varied by a user-adjustable pressure regulator and a timing unit. This is important because it ensures consistent, repeatable cell construction.

Use: Use the Test Cell Heat Press to seal Perovskite and/or DSC test cells.
Specifications: Safety glass window – protects user during operation while providing excellent view. Dust Absorber to collect harmful dust particles produced during the blasting process.

Features Description Benefit / Additional Information
Max Cell Size

Model 1 38 cm x 38 cm
Model 2 40 cm x 50 cm

Can accommodate sealing of up to two GreatCell Energy standard test cells
Physical Dimensions

Model 1 Length 65 cm X Width 44 cm x Height 51 cm
Weight 60kg

Model 2 Length 77 cm X Width 44 cm x Height 51 cm
Weight 70kg

Compact design fits well in most laboratories and workshops.
Panel Display

Displays Temperature and time with control buttons to addjust to user requirements

Temperature Range

Up to 299°C

Suitable to melt Greatcell Energy standard thermoplastic gaskets
Timing Range

0 to 9999 seconds

User controllable timing period allows for optimisation of sealing differing materials

Machine Requirements

Electrical: 220VAC 12A 60Hz
Air supply: 6bar maximum Clean, Dry, Compressed Air or Nitrogen