Screen Printing Jig

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The Screen Printing jig uses a three pin alignment system to ensure that the glass substrates are placed in a repeatable position on the work table. This allows for multiple substrates to be printed during the one production run.

Custom models available upon request.


Use: Screen Printing jigs are used to allow for consistent alignment of glass substrates during the printing cycle.

Specifications: Safety glass window – protects user during operation while providing excellent view. Dust Absorber to collect harmful dust particles produced during the blasting process.

Features Description Benefit / Additional Information
Jig Size

Large: Length 739mm x Width 538mm, Height 2mm
Medium: Length 639mm x Width 438mm, Height 2mm
Compact: Length 439mm x Width 288mm, Height 2mm

Jig sizes are matched to fit the maximum working area of each Greatcell Energy’s Screen Printer

Blanking Plates Blanking Plates are provided to be placed around the edges of the substrates to be printed. This reduces the wear on the screen mesh and ensures longer screen mesh life time
Substrate size

Maximum: 180mm x 100mm
Minimum: 140mm x 60mm

Greatcell Energy’s standard glass plates can be accommodated using the standard configuration