Screen Lab Level

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Standard Greatcell Energy’s Screens are provided with suggested meshes that have been carefully selected to provide the optimum layer thickness for Greatcell Solar’s Titania and PT1 pastes.

Standard Screens are matched to meet the frame dimensions required for Greatcell Energy’s Screen Printers. Custom Screens in terms of frame dimensions and meshes are available.


Use : Laboratory Level screen are available to be provided with the screen printers to allow for printing of Gratcell Energy’s pastes.
Specifications : Safety glass window – protects user during operation while providing excellent view. Dust Absorber to collect harmful dust particles produced during the blasting process

Features Description Benefit / Additional Information
Frame Size

Large: Length 850mm x Width 650mm, Frame height/width 40mm/40mm
Medium: Length 700mm x Width 450mm, Frame height/width 25mm/50mm
Compact: Length 490mm x Width 350mm, Frame height/width 25mm/25mm

Screen meshes are matched to Greatcell Energy standard pastes to allow for optimum layer thickness


Screen mesh 45T: One frame with Greatcell Energy standard artwork for WE Test cell plates, One blank mesh screen
Screen mesh 100T: One frame with Greatcell Energy standard artwork for CE Test cell strips, One blank mesh screen

Allows for printing of Greatcell Energy standard plates and strips to produce Greatcell Energy standard Test Cells.
Blank screens allow for creating screens with custom artwork designs