Programmable Hotplate

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The Programmable Hotplate provides a consistent, controllable and reliable heat source for the firing of small working and counter electrodes for the production of test cells.


The Programmable Hotplate includes ramp timing and temperature controls. The key benefit to users of the Programmable Hotplate is that it can be programmed to precisely control the machine – an essential factor for achieving consistent, reliable results. Up to 32 temperature steps can be programmed and each temperature step can incorporate a ramp time or constant temperature time.

The Programmable Hotplate surface is high quality nickel plating; it is also highly robust and durable for use in any busy lab.

Hot plate is available in the covered and uncovered configuration.

Use : Use the Programmable Hotplate to fire working and counter electrodes on Perovskite & Dye Solar cells
Specifications : Safety glass window – protects user during operation while providing excellent view. Dust Absorber to collect harmful dust particles produced during the blasting process.

Features Description Benefit / Additional Information
Temperature Range Up to 650°C Allows a full range of temperatures for firing DSC materials
Substrate Sizes 230mm x 160mm Accommodates from test cells up to tile size electrodes
Temperature Uniformity Due to the large thermal capacity of the Programmable Hotplate, the temperature uniformity, once stabilised is ±5% except within 10mm of the edge The temperature uniformity ensures precise user control of firing temperatures, essential for achieving consistent results.
Programmable Timing

Up to 5 temperature steps
Temperature steps incorporate a ramp time and constant temperature time
Time range: both ramp and constant time up to 9 hours 59 minutes in 1 minute intervals.

The programmable timing function with 5 temperature steps allows for multi-stage firing processes of different DSC material sets.
Safety Features Protective lid. Automatic off timing Protective lid protects user during operation. Programmable timing feature means the hotplate will turn off at a specific time.
Physical Diemnsions Overall: Length 350mm x Width 300mm x Height 180mm
Hotplate: Length 280mm x Width 200mm
Weight: 10kg
Compact design fits well in most laboratories and workshops.
Machine Requirements 220-240VAC 50-60Hz