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Founders and Friends

Tom Fontaine

Executive Director

Tom Fontaine
We are world leaders in making solar cells from perovskite materials. It has the potential to provide solar power at a fraction of the cost of current solar technologies.
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Tom Fontaine is a professional engineer with degrees in physics and mathematics. He is an experienced company director who has considerable experience in the energy industry. He has been on the board and management of a number of private and ASX listed companies.

Tom was a founder and director of Pure Energy Resources Limited (ASX:PES) which listed on the ASX in 2006 and was purchased by takeover for $1 billion in 2010. He has been a founder and builder of successful energy companies in Africa, Cuba, North America and Australia.

meet greatcell

Our Winning Team

Andrew Koplick

Scientific Advisor

Andrew Koplick

Dr Andrew Koplick is a renowned expert in formulation of sol-gel precursors for production of electronic and optoelectronic thin films and has been associated with the founders of Greatcell Energy for over 30 years, inventing and developing alkoxides, perovskite chemistry and transparent conducting oxides for 3rd Generation PV and Electrochromic Smart Windows.