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Paul Moonie

Managing Director

Greatcell Australia

Paul Moonie
We will soon provide continuous power to wireless and/or mobile applications in areas such as indoors, farms, factories and transport
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Paul Moonie is Greatcell Australia’s CEO and director of Pilot Production operations in Bomen, near Wagga Wagga, NSW. Paul has been working on 3rd generation photovoltaics for almost 20 years in both industry (STI and Dyesol) and academia (QUT), with a highly successful track record in product development. He has been a key member to achieve milestone successes in collaborative projects with multi-national corporations, Australian Department of Defence, and universities. Paul was a member of the team that designed and fabricated the world’s most stable Dye-Sensitised solar cells; he has several journal articles and relevant patents in 3rd Gen PV product development and has an extensive network of professional contacts across the globe from his collaboration with high end laboratories such as EPFL.

meet greatcell

Our Winning Team

Hongxia Wang

Research Advisor

Hongxia Wang

Hongxia Wang is a Professor at Queensland University of Technology and scientific advisor to Greatcell. Hongxia has expertise and extensive research experience (over 17 years) in the area of 3rd generation solar cells, in particular sensitized solar cells and perovskite solar cells. Prior to her academic career she was a senior scientist at Dyesol. She is recipient of “Solar Energy Journal Best Paper Award for 2016” in the Topic of Photovoltaics by the International Solar Energy Society. Her research team is currently focussed on development of new approaches for fabrication of stable, high performance perovskite solar cells and supercapacitors.