Greatcell Scientists published in Nature

July 8, 2022


As a vital step towards the industrialization of perovskite solar cells, outdoor field tests of large-scale perovskite modules and panels represent a mandatory step to be accomplished. Here we demonstrate the manufacturing of large-area (0.5 m2) perovskite solar panels, each containing 40 modules whose interfaces are engineered with two-dimensional materials (GRAphene-PErovskite (GRAPE) panels). We further integrate nine GRAPE panels for a total panel area of 4.5 m2 in a stand-alone solar farm infrastructure with peak power exceeding 250 W, proving the scalability of this technology. We provide insights on the system operation by analysing the panel characteristics as a function of temperature and light intensity. The analysis, carried out over a months-long timescale, highlights the key role of the lamination process of the panels on the entire system degradation. A life-cycle assessment based on primary data indicates the high commercial potential of the GRAPE panel technology in terms of energy and environmental performances.

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CEO (Italy)

Luca Sorbello

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Greatcell Scientists published in Nature
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