GCE submits to ARENA's Ultra Low Cost Solar programme

May 25, 2022

GCE has submitted an Expression of interest to Australian Renewable Energy Agency for a role in the $40M programme to research and commercialise Ultra Low Cost Solar ‘ULCS’. Macquarie University and QUT (Queensland University of Technology) are our key partners for the three-year research phase, in which we intend to develop Dual-Perovskite solar modules.

The basis of our proposal is the potential for double junction PSC to outperform silicon-based products due to the high specific power of PSC arising from low weight matched by high efficiency. That opens up the many markets that heavy crystalline silicon cannot address, such as large span roofing, electric vehicles, and drones. Our proposal also addresses several advantages in significantly reducing the cost of GCE PSC by eliminating the use of high-cost conductors, transparent conductive oxides and organic hole conductors. GCE and our team are looking forward to the evaluation and potentially bidding for a ULSC contract.

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