Alternate Directors appointed to Our Board

June 30, 2021

The Board of Greatcell Energy has been significantly strengthened by the recent appointment of Andrew Carstens as a Director and Uwe Boettcher and Sylvia Tulloch as Alternate Directors.

Andrew Carstens is an engineer with an MBA, has worked in both design office and site engineering, venture capital and management consulting. In 2005 he was a founder of Envista Pty Ltd, an information technology company serving Defence and National Security clients. Envista grew rapidly and was eventually acquired by Australia’s fourth-largest employer Downer EDI Ltd in 2018 to form Downer Defence Systems. In recent years, Andrew has had more time to devote to other growth business opportunities as an investor and director, including Greatcell Energy.

Uwe Boettcher is Principal of Boettcher Law in Canberra and is well known in the region as a Corporate Lawyer, Company Chairman, Notary public, Mediator, and importantly Angel Investor. Uwe is Chairman of Xtek Limited, with which Greatcell Australia is collaborating in the UAV space.

Sylvia Tulloch was joint founder of Dyesol Limited and its original Managing Director through the early rapid growth of the DSC business. Since 2012 she has been a director, consultant, advisor and investor in several local hi-tech start-ups. Among her substantial portfolio, she is Chairman of Lava Blue Limited, Zeotech Limited, and Balance Mat Pty Ltd.

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Alternate Directors appointed to Our Board
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