Greatcell Energy Strategy Moving Forward with a Strong Management and Technical Team

Greatcell Energy Pty Ltd was formed in August 2019 to carry forward the 15 years of history of Greatcell Solar Limited (formerly ASX listed Company with ticker GSL), that had been a leader in Perovskite Solar Cell (PSC) technology. Greatcell Energy purchased all the necessary assets including IP of Greatcell Solar, to continue the status as one of the world leaders in perovskite technology.

Also, it is notable that MIT researchers agree with the Company’s strategy to launch the perovskite product into a niche market and then to progressively enter into mainstream solar power generation. MIT supports the premise that commercialisation of Perovskite Solar Cells initially in niche market is an optimal and logical strategy.

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It is pertinent to mention that the Greatcell Energy secured its third substantial EU project with Graphene Flagship Core 3 Project funding of ~€400,000 via its wholly owned subsidiary Greatcell Energy Italia, at the time when Italian scientists announced the efficiency improvement of Perovskite to 26.3% after doping cell with graphene.

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The Company is expected to start generating revenues from its in-house micropower product for IoT by the end of 2020. The scope of the opportunity can be  measured by the magnitude of IoT potential, which is expected to be ~$5 billion by 2022 in a market of $1.2trillion. The future potential of Perovskite is seen to be immense with other prospects such as BAPV (Building Applied Photovoltaic), BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) and distributed power generation.

One Question May Arise! How will Greatcell Energy achieve its Plan of Action? The Answer for Such Queries Lies in the Experienced and Expert Management Team exhibiting a range of accomplishments from technology industrialisation to business development to acquisition to strategic alignment with top researchers.

Executive Team Members and Advisor of the Company are: –

 Mr Tom Fontaine is an experienced professional engineer with an interest in the energy industry. He has a degree in physics and mathematics and has been on the board and management of several private as well as public (ASX listed) Companies.

He was a director and founder of Pure Energy Resources which listed on the ASX with ticker PES in 2006 and later in 2010 the company was taken over for $1 billion. He has been a founder builder of successful energy companies in Africa, Cuba, North America and Australia.

Dr Gavin Tulloch is one of the founding members of Dyesol Limited (ASX: DYE) in 2004. He oversaw the global business expansion and directing subsidiaries in Italy, UK, Germany, Singapore, Korea and Switzerland. During 2008 to 2010, he was Managing Director and then CTO and executive director till 2012. After that he directed and consulted in high technology business, and sustainable technology, including PSC in Europe and China, where he is a Visiting Professor to the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

He holds a PhD in the area of perovskite semiconducting oxides from the University of New South Wales. He is also a FAICD (Fellow of Australian Institute of Company Directors).

He has recently joined the Chinese Academy of Sciences as Visiting Professor.

Let’s now meet the technology and advisory team of Greatcell Energy: –

Professor Michael Graetzel, the Principal Scientific Advisor to the Company is the first to comprehend and understand the mesoscopic photosystems based on dyes as light harvesters, exceeding the performance of solid-state p-n junctions.

Not only was he first to understand mesoscopic photosystems based on dyes but also he advanced the field of photovoltaic beyond the principle of diode light absorption to that of molecular level. He has been one of the most powerful voices and in the development of PSC

He has been associated with the Company since the founding work started in the Canberra region in 1994.

  • Recent Ranked #1 Scientist my Stanford University in a list of 100,000 scientists across all fields. 2019
  • Winner of Albert Einstein world award of science 2012
  • Winner of Millennium Technology Prize 2010


Ms Sylvia Tulloch was a co-founder of Dyesol Limited and its first Managing Director. She was also Chair of ASX listed Ecoquest Limited (now Cynata Limited (CYP)) between 2009 to 2012. More recently, she is a director of the CBRIN Board, Chair of Griffin Accelerator Holdings and mentor of many companies in the Accelerator programme.

Sylvia, apart from being an investor in several startup companies, has been active in government liaison at the company and industry levels.

Dr Polycarpos Falaras is a Research Director at the Athens based National Center for Scientific Research, Greece. He has 250 international refereed papers and many citations in his name. He has strong expertise in Research Management and has participated and led several EU and National research projects.

He is presently working on solar energy to electricity conversion using nanomaterials and nanotechnology-driven processes. He is also working on environmental protection such as photocatalytic materials and reactors for water cleaning and CO2 capture and conversion.

Dr Andrew King is a director and co-founder and business ‘breeder’ in a multidisciplinary segment across building relationships and planning of high-tech business ventures and identifying and devising a credible operational strategy. 

He has extensive Board experience across various countries such as Switzerland, UK, Germany and Italy. He is also responsible for many transactions in multiple domains, namely resources (energy and mining), pattern recognition, advanced materials and technology both in sensors and wearables across Australasian, African, Asia Pacific territories and the USA.

Dr Luca Sorbello has been associated with Greatcell since 2009 and presently holds the position of Managing Director of our Italian subsidiary.

He holds a Master of Arts (MA) in business organisation and management from Tor Vergata University, Rome.

He has also been an adjunct Professor at Tor Vergata University in 2004 while pursuing his PhD in industrial management which he completed in 2008.

Professor Dai Songyuan is presently the professor at North China Electric Power University in the division of School of Renewable Energy. It is worth mentioning that in 2007 he also received the Youth Science and Technology award in Anhui Province and in 2013 Photovoltaic Prize award by China Renewable Energy Society.

He was also a member of the Council of Chinese Renewable Energy Society and IOC member of IPS. During 2006 to 2018, he also functioned as a Project Chief Scientist in the MOST, China.

Dr Hongxia Wang has over 17 years of extensive experience in research in the area of solar cells generation in dye sensitized solar cells, CZTS thin-film solar cells and perovskite solar cells. She was also rewarded by the International Solar Energy Society with the “Solar Energy Journal Best Paper Award for 2016” for her work in Photovoltaics.

She is presently Professor at the Queensland University of Technology. Her team is currently focusing on the advancement of high-performance perovskite solar cells through innovative materials and device research.

Dr Enrico Leonardi has over seven experience working with Greatcell Solar Italia SRL. The work involves development of PSCs, DSC & Perovskite panel realisation, call and device encapsulation and development of LED-based solar simulators.

Dr Leonardi is also responsibility for technical project management at EU projects.

Greatcell Energy has a broad range of expertise ranging from taking seed phase project to ASX listing, becoming one of the top companies in its field and associating with eminent scientists and academics working in the field of Perovskite. The entrepreneurial expertise comprising business execution, marketing and technology know-how is likely to aid the future journey of commercialisation by the company. The presence of the Company internationally via its strong management and technology team is expected to benefit the Company in term of global access to technology advancement and tapping opportunity.

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