Ultrasonic Soldering Station

Ultrasonic Soldering Station

Best deal for ultrasonic soldering – high quality for a low price


In the past, flux and heating were the typical method to be used for soldering, but special new generation solderers, as Greatcell Energy’s ultrasonic one, introduce a new type of soldering, based on heat and ultrasonic vibrations. The induced cavitation effect replaces usage of flux as well as the cleaning process, since there are no exhaust fumes and pollution. By combining this device with particular solder alloys (purchasable from Greatcell Energy), the customer can solder on almost of all the materials, for example glass, ceramics, aluminium, molybdenum etc. (except for low melting organic substances). The Greatcell Energy ultrasonic solderer can be mounted with tips from 1 mm to 4 mm adjustable by 0.5 mm unit, with a 45° tapered cut or straight form.
· Best deal – high quality for a low price

· Small scale production.

· Soldering electrodes for display goods.


Ultrasounds Frequency
Frequency adjustment 60KHz±5KHz
Ultrasonic oscillations output
1 – 12W, adjustable by 0.1W unit
Heater temperature setting
220 °C – 500 °C
Temperature adjustment
By 10°C
Power supply
AC100V/240V 50/60Hz 200W
About 5 kg
Iron base
Special stainless steel
Tip shape
Straight cut or taper cut (please choose one)
Tip diameter
Dia 1.0 – 4.0mm, adjustable by 0.5mm
High-performance sheathed heater 65W
Dia 136 (max) × 250 (mm)
About 210g (with cord)
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