Spin Coater

Spin Coater

The Spin Coater is typically used for the application of a thin layer on small areas. The flexible nature of this piece of equipment allows users to experiment with the application of other cell components varying the spinning parameters in a very precise controllable manner.


Controllable acceleration time, spin speed and deceleration time allow for precise and repeatable depositions. The chemically inert materials of the internal chamber ensures no contamination of your Perovskite & DSC solar cells.

Greatcell Energy’s Spin coater is the best choice for Perovskite research because it is optimised for use with Perovskite material sets. Different models are available with different spin parameters.
· Use Greatcell Energy’s Spin Coater to apply the wide range of Perovskite & DSC materials onto a variety of substrates in a precise & controllable manner

· Safety door lock - Prevents chamber opening while programme is running


Bowl-shaped process chamber
9.5 inc (241 mm)
Substrate capability
Up to ø 6inc (150 mm) wafer Up to ø 5inc (125 mm) square
Program controller
To 12K RPM
Acceleration with standard chuck
To 13K RPM/sec
Acceleration increment
1 sec to 99 min and 59.9 sec
Time increment
0.1 sec
Twenty 51-steps
PC interface
Via dedicated software
Glovebox ready configuration
May be installed in a nitrogen or argon filled enclosure without modification
95 to 240 VAC , 47/63 Hz 300W
Clear ECTFE lid
ø ¾ inc (19 mm) centre opening
Exhausted drain reservoir
250 ml removable polypropylene drain container for coating application
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