Hole Drilling System

Hole Drilling System

The Manual Hole Drilling Machine uses a fast, dry process which avoids use of water and avoids constant replacement of high-cost drill-bits. Manual operation of this machine includes the holding of the work piece and the nozzle during blasting. A foot switch is used to control the length of time for drilling.


The Manual Hole Drilling Machine is used for drilling conductor holes and creating electrolyte fill holes in glass substrates during the initial stage of glass electrode preparation. Accurate holes are produced by application of fine, high-pressure blasting media onto the substrate.
· Use the Manual Hole-Drilling Machine to create electrolyte fill holes and conector holes in your glass substrate
· Safety glass window – protects user during operation while providing excellent view.


Additional Information
Grit media
Can accommodate most grades of grit media.
Grit sizes from ultra fine 10 micron media to larger than 300 micron media.
Control grit dosage
Manual control of grit dosage.
Allows user to control speed and pressure delivery of grit media to substrate.
Physical dimensions
Length 720mm, Width 580mm, Height 370mm.
Machine requirements
Electricity: 230V AC, 50Hz
Air Supply: 8bar maximum Clean, Dry, Compressed Air or Nitrogen
Substrate sizes accommodated
Max Size: Length 670mm x Width 495mm
Accommodates a range of substrates.
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