Greatcell Energy
Our Company

Greatcell Energy Pty Limited is a new company founded in 2019, built on the back of 20 years of history in developing and producing 3rd generation solar technologies.

Our focus is on Perovskites (PSC) – particular formulations of compounds with a special crystal structure that can convert light into power.

According to Wikipedia, when compared to Silicon solar cells:

  • PSCs can be produced at a fraction of the cost
  • PSCs can be up to 1000x thinner
  • PSCs can be applied to almost and smooth surface
  • PSC efficiency is high in low and variable light
  • PSCs have higher cell voltage and better spectral absorption

In short, PSC can turn almost any surface into an energy source

“Perovskite solar cells are currently the fastest advancing solar technology”

Greatcell Energy, is uniquely positioned to commercialize the technology.

Our first products are micropower and midi-power cells, taking advantage of the high specific power of PSC, for IoT, mobile and other rechargeables.

Greatcell Energy
Our History

1991: Michael Graetzel at EPFL in Switzerland invents the Graetzel cell utilizing titanium oxide and organic dyes, emulating photosynthesis and launching decades of research on what have become known as Dye Solar Cell (DSC) and 3rd Generation solar technologies.

1994: Sylvia and Gavin Tulloch initiate DSC R&D in Australia in collaboration with EPFL and Australian research organisations.

1997: Gavin Tulloch commences collaboration with a Swiss company with labs in Yverdon

2000: Sylvia and Gavin Tulloch acquire Sustainable Technologies International Pty Ltd (STI) and then in 2002, Greatcell Solar S.A., the Swiss partner.

2004: Gavin and Sylvia Tulloch found Dyesol Limited with Dyesol having the rights to acquire STI and Greatcell Solar S.A. and Dyesol becomes a world leader in 3rd Generation solar technology, especially low light technologies for photovoltaic (PV) electricity generation.

2005: Dyesol Limited lists on the Australian Stock Exchange [ASX:DSL]. It’s business plan is to earn revenue from

  1. the manufacture, sale and installation of DSC turnkey manufacturing solutions;
  2. the supply of special manufacturing and research equipment;
  3. the supply of materials for DSC products; and
  4. technology development and support, including providing services under contract to strategic partners.

2005-2010: Collaborations and partnerships are formed with industrial and government entities in UK, Italy, USA, Germany, Korea, Singapore, Greece, Japan and China. The company grows to become the industrial world leader in the field with the market capitalisation of the company on the ASX being $155 million in April 2010.

2012: Gavin and Sylvia Tulloch separately leave the board of Dyesol Limited.

2016: Dyesol focuses on building a large scale solar glass products for commercial application via a Major Area Demonstration (MAD) prototype project and changes its name to Greatcell Solar Limited (GSL).

2018: The company unable to secure new equity partners for this MAD project, and after exhausting its funding options, the Directors (at the time) choose to appoint Administrators to the company.

2019: Recognizing that there are many commercial applications for Perovskite technology, especially for lower power applications, the original founders, Gavin and Sylvia Tulloch, form a rescue team, that became Greatcell Energy Pty Limited.

2019: Greatcell Energy Limited purchases the last operating GSL subsidiary, Greatcell Solar Italy s.r.l., plus all the intellectual property of GSL, and selected items of the equipment from GSL and its subsidiaries.

2020: The business plan has two objectives:

  • Italian entity aims to demonstrate the capability to scale up PSC and show its reproducibility and cost effectiveness in EU funded projects
  • In Australia the activities involve installing the pilot plant based on existing equipment, developing novel products and enhancing collaborations with clients and partners in the micro-power and midi-power market place.